Intuition Robotics' Newest Team Member: Assaf Gad, VP of Strategy

Technology and the pandemic is shifting care from the clinic to the home

2019 is a year of evolution for Intuition Robotics. As we announced at CES earlier this month, our product ElliQ is now available for pre-orders. Additionally, our cognitive AI platform, Q, received its first design win by TRI, a Toyota company.

As we explore ways in which proactive AI-powered interactions and multi-modal interfaces can enhance user experiences, we are thrilled to announce our newest team member: Assaf Gad, VP of Strategy. With Assaf’s background in utilizing innovative technologies to create one-of-a-kind user interactions, the possibilities for Q are truly endless.

From Assaf:

"When I first met Intuition Robotics, I was inspired by its mission to help older adults thrive with ElliQ, the sidekick for happier aging. At the same time, it was clear to me that the possibilities of the technology the company developed are highly relevant to additional use cases. The precedent we set now with how we incorporate technology into our lives will shape our digital future. At Intuition Robotics, I’m excited to take part in imagining this future. Thanks to contextual understanding and the proactive nature of Intuition Robotics’ proprietary AI, any device can become a digital companion agent, and the potential is truly enormous. The idea that technology can understand its environment and make a cognitive choice between a plethora of ways to help you achieve goals, and interact seamlessly with people using body language, will open the door for a new era of human-to-machine interactions.

In my twenty years working in technology, I have witnessed firsthand the exponential acceleration of the industry. Most recently, my work at Audioburst brought me deep into the world of artificial intelligence, using NLP and NLU technology to analyze audio content from radio, podcasts and TV in order to provide users with new listening experiences. For the past three years I have worked closely with consumer electronics and automotive brands to leverage this advanced AI - bringing technology into new products to build completely new user experiences. I became excited at the idea that technology can not only learn our personal needs and desires, but also seamlessly gather the correct information and content in order to expand the conversation between virtual assistants and users.

The variety of experiences that our technology can be integrated into will redefine the way that users interact with devices, vehicles and other services. This is why I find Intuition Robotics so intriguing.

My goal is to look beyond the technology of today and create a vision for the future through these new experiences and partnerships. With Intuition Robotics’ technology, every industry has the potential to craft new, positive interactions with their customers. We’ve already begun this exploration with the first customer of our Cognitive AI platform, Q – TRI, a Toyota company – in thinking of how proactive AI agents can reimagine the in-vehicle experience. But what happens when technology can understand its environment and make contextual decisions to support us when it comes to smart home devices, to healthcare, to mobile, or education? Every industry has the possibility to design a completely new form of interaction between human and machine, and our goal is to make it positive and inspiring for all.

If you’re reading this, and have an inspiring idea on how our tech can help bring your product to life, please shoot me a note at - I’d love to hear from you."

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